Photo by Bess Bird

Photo by Bess Bird

Voted “Best Musician” in Missoula Independent’s 2018 Readers’ Poll, a music-goer once told Keys "You're in every band that's good.”  Caroline has enjoyed a career playing dusty Montana dives, folk festivals in China, and opening sets for the likes of Dwight Yoakam, Jerry Douglas, The Lumineers, and others.  You may have caught her in Stellarondo, Junior, The Best Westerns, The LaneSplitters, Broken Valley Roadshow, Worst Feelings, or with Izaak Opatz.  

Caroline has 15 years experience providing music for private events.  Depending on your needs she can provide a duo, trio, or full dance band.  Get in touch!   

Caroline's Ukulele

by Koda, 5th Grade

Caroline's ukulele gave me the chills

the ukulele sent shivers down my spine

it sent chills to my feet

I felt it in my ear

I felt it in my nose

I felt it in my thighs

I felt it in my shoulders

I felt it in my biceps

I felt it in my forearms

I felt it in my wrist

I felt it in my ankles

Caroline's ukulele will give you the chills